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When Alberto Del Rio signed up with the Impact Wrestling promotion, the news was revealed from several quarters. The creative alongside Jeff Jarrett showed interest to bring the former WWE champion into the show which is witnessing some big voids, as of now. Last night’s Impact Wrestling tapings saw the Mexican Superstar debut for Impact […]

Alberto del Rio – Mexican Fighter

Alberto del Rio is a professional wrestler from Mexico most notable for his stint with the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE. Having also tried his hand at Mixed Martial Arts, del Rio is currently signed to the AAA promotion of professional wrestling as well as the Ring of Honour promotion and Lucha Underground. He […]

WWE Title Win Knocked Down By Alberto Del Rio

The title of heavy weight was won by Albert Del Rio in Puerto Rico. He got aligned to Negrin after which he was supposedly in the Gentleman’s club. Family members of Del Rio also worked for the event. Trios Champions however, defeated them. He was so curt to Negrin that he asked him whether he […]

Alberto del Rio – Wrestler from Mexico

Alberto del Rio is a professional wrestler hailing from Mexico known for his stint with the World Wrestling Federation or the WWE, the premier professional wrestling promotion in the world. The Mexican, born to a family of wrestlers as Jose Alberto Rodriguez, is a five time world champion, having won the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship […]

Undertaker and Sting should face each other

There have been rumors going in the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE circles for the past couple of years that a match between two legends of professional wrestling The Undertaker and Sting is on the cards and will happen sometime in the future. This is the sort of match that gets the fans salivating […]

WWE becoming Very Predictable

Although the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE tries its best not to be predictable, be it in its storytelling or the plot line, there are times when the management cannot manage to do that and the end result becomes extremely obvious. And that is exactly what seems to be happening with the WWE trying […]