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Multi-time WWE Champion,Alberto Del Rio is of the view that the monopoly held by WWE on professional wrestling is one that is not so good for the industry. Del Rio who granted an interview to a correspondent for Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard‘s Week In Wrestling, Justin Barrasso also talked about NXT superstars, and new top […]

Alberto and the Miz are portraying wrong roles

Although the Miz has a larger fan base and began ahead of Alberto Del Rio in terms of impression and more impactful face turns, than what Alberto del Rio has, the latter has turned out to be more successful career wise. He has gone up to the class of John Cena when judged according to […]

Alberto del Rio loses his title

It is time to change the face of the Mexican Aristocrat’s rival. So in the past week of SmackDown Alberto del Rio got a title match against the World Heavyweight Champion Big Show. It was thought that del Rio would turn into a face from heel but after seeing the match it seemed impossible right […]

Del Rio continues his role as a heel

The story began back in July 2012 when the Mexican superstar Alberto Del Rio failed to defeat Sheamus in a World Heavyweight Championship match. Since then it seems like Del Rio would be playing the role of a heel and he did exactly so. But the point is that he, since that defeat, never ever […]

Alberto del Rio needs the World Heavyweight Championship

As Summer Slam 2012, the biggest event of the summer for the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE draws closer; fans are growing restless about the result of the blockbuster World Heavyweight Championship match between The Great White Sheamus and The Mexican Millionaire Alberto del Rio. A majority of the fans of the WWE think […]


It is said that Alberto del rio is disliked by many of his colleagues in the World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE is like a big family of wrestlers. The players fight against their opponents within the ring but no one continues it offstage. Some of the members of the WWE have said that do not […]