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Redo: WWE Nattie Sharpshooter – Wrestling Moves with Daya.

Wrestling Online video Score: four / 5

HOW TO WRESTLE | Wrestling Moves | Setup for Wrestling Takedowns Tutorial @RollOutMat

Wrestling Movie Score: five / 5

Alberto del Rio – Mexican Fighter

Alberto del Rio is a professional wrestler from Mexico most notable for his stint with the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE. Having also tried his hand at Mixed Martial Arts, del Rio is currently signed to the AAA promotion of professional wrestling as well as the Ring of Honour promotion and Lucha Underground. He also competes as an independent wrestler across various promotions, both in the United States of America and in Japan and Puerto Rico.

Del Rio is a seven time champion in professional wrestling, having held both the top two titles in the WWE, the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship twice each apart from being a former CMLL World Heavyweight Championship holder. He currently holds the AAA World Heavyweight Championship belt as well as the WWL World Heavyweight Championship title. Read more »

WWE Triple H Pedigree – Wrestling Moves with Daya.

Wrestling Video Score: five / five

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Wrestling Movie Score: 4 / five