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Check Why Patron Stripped Of GFW World Champions

The internal consideration of Global Force Wrestling (GFW) has been concluded with regards to the events that surrounds the suspension of Alberto El Patron. While, this apparent that earlier reports unfairly characterized the involvement of El Patron in the incident in the airport of Orlando; we are disappointed the way the whole matter as carries out and dealt with. From all on the roster of GFW we expect more decorum, especially from the players who all are the World Champion.

We have talked with El Patron with regards to our decision to strip him of his championship title. And with regards to the same, no decision has been taken till date on whether he will be restored to the roster; the whole conditions are the private matter between the El Patron and the company.

On July 12, El Patron was suspended by GFW indefinitely as the result of the investigation conducted by GFW on the entire matter on their own. At the Aug 14, the company announced that it is stripping El Patron from the World Heavyweight Championship (WHC) and that Patron will carry to serve his suspension.

Although the Paige the wife of El Patron in her twitter account has twitted and have alleged the people who were there at the point of incident that, they drag the whole situation and there was nothing so bad happened that day. Everything that happened on that was the result of anger.

Since 2016 June 27 edition of Raw, Paige hasn’t wrestled. This she told to KENS 5 Chelsey Hernandez, San Antonio on the 14th of Aug that she is hoping to return to WWE in the next couple of months. As of now she is working on her fitness and waiting for the clearance from the medical team of the company.