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Multi-time WWE Champion,Alberto Del Rio is of the view that the monopoly held by WWE on professional wrestling is one that is not so good for the industry.

Del Rio who granted an interview to a correspondent for Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard‘s Week In Wrestling, Justin Barrasso also talked about NXT superstars, and new top heels and faces not being paid for their matches.

Despite his notion about WWE’s monopoly being bad for the industry, Del Rio declined from blaming the company for their policies as according to him, any other company would also try to do that if they were in the shoes of the WWE.

“It’s horrible for the business, but you cannot blame that company,” Del Rio said.

Continuing, he said:”That company is doing what a company is supposed to do—monopolize, get the best talent from everywhere, and try to destroy the competition. They’re smart, you cannot blame them. The problem is with the talent.”

Del Rio also noted that the talents enter into the industry because they have been promised that they would be seen on TV, and then they make the mistake of not charging good money for their services.

He made mention of the fact that some of the main guys, new entrants and new top heels get paid next to nothing for their matches.

Del Rio had previously been fired and left the company on bad terms. Reason for this was that he had slapped an employee who allegedly made some derogatory comments. However, by 2015, he was back but a year later, he was released again thus ending his short spell with the company.

At current, Del Rio is the GFW Global Champion for IMPACT Wrestling and has also toured the world with various independent companies.