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Alberto Del Rio Moves Back To WWE

There has already been gossip about League of Nations being in the doldrums.

Today Alberto Del Rio talks about the failure of this initiative and what are the plans going forward for WWE. It is now evident that the League of Nations did not take off well. The group had been formed way back in November and it was considered to be a faction within WWE. In the beginning the work of the League of Nations seemed to be carved out. It consisted of legends like Alberto Del Rio standing as the champion of US, the WWE world heavyweight champion being Sheamus and King Barrett and Rusev being other upper heeled bosses to add in more muscles to the group.

Sheamus however, was a mere transition as he helped Roman Reigns become world champion as well as the company’s face. Inquisitr had hinted about two weeks ago that the League of Nations was coming to an end and Del Rio’s statement proves that it is true. Barrett was taken off the group as the effects of WrestleMania. Sheamus claimed that Barrett had been the weakest link and had to be let go. Barrett is set to not renew his contract which expires in June.

Alberto has been trying to keep the family together, but The Wyatt Family attacked the remaining members which set up fresh feuds among the factions. There was an upcoming match planned between The League and The Wyatts which was cancelled due to Bray suffering a calf injury. With several members hurt the League would be disassembled soon as per Alberto. Del also admitted that the group needed to work together, which did not happen and hence, Del, is now focusing on returning to WWE. Alberto definitely is trying to keep things together and move forward. It was a learning lesson for most and for the fans as well.