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Alberto Del Rio Celebrates His 39th Birthday

It’s been a day or two that Alberto Del Rio has celebrated his 39th birthday. It is an age that usually has several connotations for fighters.

For Alberto who has been a WWE world heavyweight champion for four times in a row, there will certainly be several plans in his mind as he thinks ahead for his career which has been successful so far.

He is known to be a megastar in his native place in Mexico. His real name is Jose Alberto Rodriguez. He has been a champion not only with WWE but also with fighting organizations like AAA, CMLL as well as WWL. He has performed wrestling matches in many places. He has been fighting under the ring name Dos Caras. He has worked as a luchador in Japan and Mexico.

Del Rio is known to be the only fighter who won Money in the Bank as well as Royal Rumble in the same year. The feud that he had fought with a fellow Mexican had come into the news. He also worked his way up steadily which ended up with winning and becoming champion for Royal Rumble. He also was part of the Edge of the World Heavyweight championship. He is set to try again at Extreme Rules. The only place that he is yet to stake his claim is at Wrestle Mania. He cashed in on the CM Punk which was part of SummerSlam. He was then crowned as WWE champion. He was one of the rare winners who took the US championship title from John Cena. Del Rio also became part of the League of Nations. With such feats under his belt, it was little wonder that his birthday was a gala affair and a chance for his fans to showcase their admiration for him through countless wishes, messages, gifts and more.