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WWE Triple H Pedigree – Wrestling Moves with Daya.

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WWE Title Win Knocked Down By Alberto Del Rio

The title of heavy weight was won by Albert Del Rio in Puerto Rico. He got aligned to Negrin after which he was supposedly in the Gentleman’s club. Family members of Del Rio also worked for the event. Trios Champions however, defeated them. He was so curt to Negrin that he asked him whether he was in support of a Yankee.

In an interview to the previous segment of a magazine he pointed out that he was bidding adieu to WWE due to racism from the company. To give up the game for respect and to stand for it is something commendable. Read more »

Basic Wrestling Moves : Basic Wrestling Stretches

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Alberto del Rio – Wrestler from Mexico

Alberto del Rio is a professional wrestler hailing from Mexico known for his stint with the World Wrestling Federation or the WWE, the premier professional wrestling promotion in the world.

The Mexican, born to a family of wrestlers as Jose Alberto Rodriguez, is a five time world champion, having won the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship once, the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship both on two occasions.

One of the greatest Greco-Roman wrestlers of the modern era, del Rio has made history by becoming the first man in the history of the WWE to win the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank Ladder Match in the same year when he achieved the feat in 2011.

The son of popular luchador Dos Caras, del Rio began his career as a wrestler at a very young age when he was given lessons in the art of Greco-Roman wrestling by his family trainers and earned himself a place in the national wrestling team for Mexico in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Alberto del Rio was part of the AAA promotion between 2000 and 2002 where he made a name for himself as a professional wrestler before moving on to the CMLL. He was signed on to the WWE in 2010 and it was confirmed that he would undergo extensive training at the Florida Championship Wrestling or FCW, the development wing of the WWE.

He debuted for the televised episodes of the WWE in June 2010 and very soon, established himself as a popular heel character in the promotion, going on to win several accolades.

But his run in the WWE was short lived and despite having so much success, Alberto del Rio was fired by the WWE in August 2014 and has since returned to where it all began for him  – AAA wrestling.

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