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Junior Dos Santos and Ronny Markes training for UFC Flight Night 38

Junior Dos Santos seems to have moved to Rio de Janeiro from Bahia in order to seek enhanced training from Nova Uniao Camp. However, he seems not the only individual benefiting from the change.

Ronny Markes is ready to make a comeback on 23rd of March to the Octagon, Natal Brazil versus Thiago Santos, who has trained at Nova Uniao along with Cigano for the upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship- Fight Night 38. At present his focus is to make a return to the league of winners after facing a defeat to Yoel Romero.

Talking about facing Cigano, Markes commented that he is a really strong contender and moves quite speedily, hence it was really important for him. He further added that he was helped thoroughly by Francimar Barroso, popularly called as Bodao, who is known for his clinch game. He assured that handling Marretas’ strength won’t be that difficult for him since he is training continuously with stronger men.

Right ahead of the 3rd round knockout defeat to Romero during November at the UFC Fight for the fight of the Troops 3, Markes was at 3-0. Marreta will now have a 2nd chance at the Octagon, post his promotional debut at UFC 163 versus Cezar Ferreira.

Commenting on Santos, Markes commented that he definitely has great movement and a decent striking game. He further stressed saying, no fight is an easy fight in UFC, but he is apprehensive about how he is going to do in the fight. He seems confident about his training session at the camp, and added that it is time for homework and then set out for fight.

Markes said that his better half Priscila, will be 8 months due as on 23rd of March along with it being their wedding anniversary. He also lost his dear pal Luiz de Franca and will be dedicating the match win to him.

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Henderson wanted Machida match

Dan Henderson snapped his longest losing streak in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, a run that saw him go without a win for three consecutive fights by comprehensively defeating Mauricio Rua at UFC Fight Night 38 last month.

And shortly after the fight, during the post match press meet, the 42 year old veteran told the assembled media that he was still searching for that elusive UFC Championship belt and would be open to anything and everything, especially when it came to fighting at other weight categories, having previously competed in 185 lbs Middleweight division.

And then, all of a sudden, he tweeted that he would love to take on Lyoto Machida, just like the UFC gave the Brazilian a shot at Jon Jones when the match against him was called off after Henderson was forced off the fight with an injury.

After the withdrawal of Chris Weidman from UFC 173 where he was scheduled to take on The Dragon for a shot at the UFC Middleweight Championship, Henderson called the UFC to give him a shot against the Brazilian as he waited for the American to return to action.

And although the UFC pushed the fight on to UFC 175 to give Weidman time to recover from his knee surgery, Henderson tried to convince Dana White, the president of the UFC to give him the fight against Machida and give Weidman some more time to recuperate from the injury.

But the UFC has denied any such request from the veteran fighter and has put him on the UFC 175 card against Daniel Cormier with the winner of the match getting the next shot at Jon Jones and the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship after Glover Teixeira and Alexander Gustafsson which could happen later this year or early next year.