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Vince McMahon linked with takeover of Newcastle United

The current season hasn’t exactly gone according to plan for English Premier League club Newcastle United Football Club and its millions of fans and it seems that things could get a lot worse if reports emerging from the United States of America are to be believed.

According to several media outlets across the Atlantic, Vince McMahon, the chairman of the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE is looking at the prospect of buying the historical club with its current owner Mike Ashley ready to jump ship.

According to those reports, McMahon wants to promote the WWE brand to a wider audience in Europe and he wants to use the fabled club as the springboard to achieve that.

A billionaire in his own right, McMahon has owned and run the WWE since he founded the company all those years back and now, he plans to use that huge cash reserve that he has built up to buy Ashley’s shares in the club outright and make himself the largest stakeholder in the club.

Newcastle United have had a decent season on the pitch but off field antics of club officials have left fans incensed and Ashley has always been at the centre of their ire ever since he bought the club around seven years back now.

Vince McMahon was linked with a takeover of the club a couple of years back as well but it turned out to be just a rumor at that time and there is no reason that it isn’t a rumor this time around as well. But for Newcastle United fans, if the WWE owner does buy the club, it will be like ditching the Satan in Ashley and handing reigns of the club to a Judas like figure like McMahon who loves to fire employees on WWE.


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